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Find Residential: Apartments, Houses, Villas for Lease - Rent in Hanoi
Welcome to the Expathousing Hanoi - We will help you find your new Home
Most expats coming to stay in Vietnam will need to find a comfortable home or apartment to stay.  We have numerous villas, houses, apartments,  and offices availabe to rent in Hanoi.  These include both cheap and high rate residences for the business man, diplomat and traveler alike.
We are an expat housing rental service in Hanoi, Vietnam. We can help you find the right home or office because we are very knowledgeable about the different neighborhoods and homes all over Hanoi. We will help you through the whole process of negotiating a lease and getting set up with your new house or apartment. We have extensive experience working with expat families. This experience allows us the ability to negotiate contracts on your behalf. We will save you time and money and help you avoid headaches, depression, and anxiety.  
Are you looking to rent an apartment , house, villa or office in Hanoi?
If you are looking for an apartment, villa, house or office to rent in Hanoi, you've come to the right place! Since our start in 2001, our team has personally assisted requests from thousands of clients and landlords seeking the find their ideal match in an apartment for rent in hanoi , villa for rent in tay ho , house for rent in hanoi , or office.  If your goal is to find the right home, make sure you get the best deal, and avoid costly mistakes you have come to the right place.  We offer our housing services free of charge.
For most expats traveling to Hanoi, leasing a home is a major commitment.  Having a local housing lease expert like us on your team will make a big difference in your search and negotiation outcome.  We are in tune with the market and understands your needs and will negotiate on your behalf so that you receive the best deal on your new home, apartment for rent in tay ho, or villa.
Expathousing Hanoi makes finding property to rent in Hanoi easier, faster and more efficient. Our agents are experienced and committed to finding exactly what you want.  Our selection of Hanoi property provides you with the best the market has to offer.  We will drive you to each property you are interested in and best of all, our service is free.
Short-term expat housing in Hanoi is available fully furnished and fully equipped. There are also serviced apartments available to rent in Hanoi on a short term basis as well.
If you want to buy property in Hanoi, I would highly suggest you have the property checked out by both yourself and a reliable lawyer and real estate agent in Hanoi.  It is important to know how much debt the property has encrued and if those numbers match with what the seller has stated.
If you are buying a brand new property, you'll need to pay property tax in Hanoi. If your purchase is a luxury property, you may have to pay local taxes in Hanoi and possible stamp duty.  Even as a non-resident homeowner in Hanoi, you may become liable for all kind of taxes in Hanoi, including income tax. These are examples of things we can help you with during the buying process as we are very knowledgeable about homebuying in Hanoi.  
We would like to extend a warm welcome to you and hope to speak with you soon.

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