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Updated: 25/04/2015 11:47:50 PM

Expathousing Real estate Hanoi Viet Nam

houses to rent in Hanoi discount for two main consecutive years. Segment on the luxury real property for rent in Hanoi , including mansions and townhouses in Hanoi has continued to unhappy recent results for the quarter 1/2015 .

According to the market survey reports villas , houses and apartment for rent in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City by Savills announced on 8/ 4, show segment villa , townhouse prices from the capital fell within 2 years sequence, where the West Lake area continues to decline essentially the most , nearly 6 % , and then Hai Ba Trung district .

What causes it was attributed to the supply is increased , while foreigners usually move to the western region , forcing investors to cut back prices to compete .

For rental housing segment , region , Hoai Duc , Ha Dong and decreased approximately 4 % from the previous quarter . However, in accordance with Savills , although prices villas , townhouses discounts throughout from 2011 to now , playing with general the decline has leveled off .

As outlined by Savills , soon enough to deliver the marketplace villas , Serviced Apartment to rent in Hanoi should have a total of 86 projects having a total part of ​​about 11,500 hectares are scattered in 15 districts . Of these, 60 projects will still be in the planning stages . The remaining was done focuses mainly infrastructure within me Linh , Quoc Oai , Ha Dong ... will create pressure for all investors .

Just the number of the transaction would be the land segment increased 31 % from the previous quarter and 322 % on the same period recently . In that new projects in District 8 positive activity , comprising about 35 % of the total transaction amount . In addition, many projects with complete internal facility , good location , suitable price , and investors remain attractive reputable buyers .

As outlined by Savills , the land segment showed good activity does purchase land and construction of self- control in order to get better building , while reducing construction costs .

However , above the next 8 years is expected to get along with 53,500 units from 137 projects , that approximately 1,180 units from 9 projects is likely to say hello to the market soon in 2014 continues to build the competition intense one of the investors in the real estate property segment luxury in HCMC .

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